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Method of working

Francesca likes to meet her sitters, if possible, at least once but can work from photographs. According to size, her portraits can be completed in 1-2 months. She is not currently registered for VAT. 

Oil Portraits

40 x 50 cm: £ 2,000+ according to complexity

Any larger dimensions: POA

Oil Paintings

Various dimensions: £500 - £2,000 + 

Japanese Paintings (Nihonga and Sumi-e)

Folding Screens (Byōbu)

Price on Application, based on size and complexity.

Screens require six months to be completed, as they are sourced in Japan where they are made by traditional craftsmen, according to classic techniques.


Paintings on silk

Various dimensions:  £800 – 2,500 +



100 x 35 cm (unframed): £ 800


His Grace the 6th Duke of Westminster - Grosvenor Estate's Collection

A dear friend - Charles Klonaris' Collection - Bahamas

The soft touch of time - Laura Simons' Collection - London

Count Alexei Orlov - A. Orlov's Collection - New York City

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